Medical vs Recreational Marijuana in Missouri

Medical Marijuana Card vs Recreational Marijuana

Is Recreational Marijuana legal in Missouri?

Missouri voters approved Constitutional Amendment 3 which legalized recreational marijuana on in 2023. You can now buy recreational marijuana now in Missouri, but should you still get a medical marijuana card?

Is it worth getting your Medical Marijuana Card still?

Even though recreation is legal, there are many advantages that having a medical card has. Having a MMJ card makes it cheaper to buy (lower taxes), get twice as much possession limits monthly, and much more.

Medical vs Recreational Marijuana Prices

Having a Medical Marijuana card will save you money on taxes. With recreational use legal in Missouri; having a medical card will save you 2% in taxes, a medical card will pay 4% in taxes compared to 6%.

Buy Marijuana in other States?

When you have a medical card, it allows you to purchase medical marijuana in MMJ reciprocity states.

Possession limits Medical vs Recreational Marijuana

With recreational legal, it allows those with a medical card to now carry 6 ounces of weed a month (compared to 4 ounces before). Recreational users can only carry 3 ounces a month (half of a medical card user).

Conclusion: Medical vs Recreational

At the end of the day recreational actually makes the Medical Marijuana Card better. With recreational being legal, increases your monthly limit with a card from 4 to 6 ounces. Also by paying less in taxes makes it a no brainer. Also with recreational becoming legal, it also increases a medical card from 1 year to 3 years.

So if you like more and cheaper weed, then getting a medical card is the way to go.

How to get your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card?

Now that you are educated, let Dr. Sturm certify you with a Medical Marijuana Card. Our experts have been certifying medical cards since medical marijuana became legal.

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