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Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Arch Advanced Pain Management

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Arch Advanced Pain Management ( AAPM ) is located in O'Fallon, MO (near 40 & Hwy K). Our pain clinic is dedicated to the treatment of acute / chronic pain and sports medicine /work-related pain issues. Dr. Sturm and his staff combined has decades of experience in this area. Our focus is on pain management and pain relief.

Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. At least 100 million adult Americans had chronic pain conditions, a conservative estimate since it does not include recent pain or children in pain. Chronic pain is pain that exists beyond the normal healing process.
Arch Advanced Pain Management ( AAPM ) is a holistic pain program that takes the entire patient into focus. Patients seeking treatment at AAPM are assured of receiving only the finest and up-to-date care through...

Arch Advanced Pain Management

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Conditions Treated at Arch Advanced Pain Management

At Arch Advanced Pain Management we treat a wide variety of conditions. To make it easier we've listed the most common conditions treated by area of the body. Just click on the icon below to learn more about your pain management options or browse through the specialty tab for options like: PRP InjectionsStem Cell Injections, and the new breakthrough DRG Stimulation.

Head Pain Neck Pain

Head and Neck Pain

Chest Pain

Chest Pain

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain

Low Back Pain Management

Low Back Pain

Pelvis Pain Groin Pain

Pelvis Pain and Groin Pain

Buttock Pain

Buttock Pain

Extremity Pain

Extremity Pain

Nerve Pain

Nerve and Other Pain

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Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Patient Evaluation

Holistic Approach to Therapy

Most Advanced Treatments

Understanding Environment

What is a Pain Doctor and what do they do?

Pain Management physicians diagnose conditions, provide treatment (prescribe medication and rehabilitation services, perform procedures to relieve pain). The may also help counsel patients.

Is a Physiatrist the same as a Pain Management Doctor?

Physiatrist physicians treat wide range of medical conditions that affect the body in a different matter normally more on a metal state verse a pain physician is trained to treat your pain.

What do they do at pain management?

Pain management will treat your pain and coordinate care with physician, therapy, rehabilitation and sometimes counseling.

What kind of doctor do you see for back pain?

A pain doctor / pain specialist / pain management specialist is a medical doctor who has received additional training normal referred to as D.O. Doctor of Osteopathy who specializes in pain medicine. Pain management physician focuses on the evaluation, treatment and prevention of pain and work closely with primary care physicians.

What drugs are used for pain management?

NSAIDS are normally the most effective for mild-moderate pain. Such as swelling and inflammation caused by arthritis, muscle spasms, sprains, injuries. Yes, they can prescribe opiates within the CMS guidelines.

What is the best pain medicine for pain?

Most pain management will start with NSAIDS and therapy, rehabilitation possible CT scans or MRI are needed to see what is really going on before they can do any kind of injections.

Dr. Sturm has made Effective Immediately that Masks are MANDATORY for ALL Patients