Epidural Steroid Injection

Epidural Steroid Injection

An epidural injection delivers anti-inflammatory steroids into the epidural space around the spinal nerve roots to relieve pain. The anti-inflammatory steroids reduce inflamed irritated spinal nerves. Epidural injections can provide months to years of pain relief. These injections take approximately 5-10 minutes to perform including the positioning, safety checks and skin preparation. Normally the epidural steroid injection does not require anytime off work. Sedation is not required for these injections but is offered if necessary.

There are several conditions which anti-inflammatory epidural steroid injections have been proven to be effective in reducing pain. While spinal stenosis, herniated and degenerative discs, sciatica, and spondylolysis, are among the most common conditions treated with epidural injections, there are many others. These injections are frequently used in conjunction with physical therapy when pain from a condition interferes with rehabilitative exercises.

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What is the epidural steroid injection procedure like?

The procedure is relatively straight forward. The area being injected is prepped with sterilization solution and given numbing medication prior to the injection. Injection needles are placed using x-ray to ensure that the epidural steroid injection is delivered to the correct location.

What are epidural steroid injection potential side effects?

There are some potential side effects of corticosteroid usage. These include weight gain, flushing, mood swings, insomnia, elevated blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure, and elevated blood sugars in diabetics.

How do I find out if I am a candidate?

There are several factors in determining if you are a candidate. Having a problem / condition that responds to epidural steroid injection is the main issue. Patients who are on blood thinning medications will require special consideration. Consult Arch Advanced Pain Management to see if this treatment is an option for you.