Stem Cell Injections

What are Stem Cells?

Before we get into stem cell injections; it's important to talk about stem cells. Stem cells are unique in the way they become many different cells. This is why they are perfect to use for various injuries. When injected into the injured body part, the stem cells will begin to create two new cells. Typically it will create an exact replica of itself and then the second cell created will become specific to the need of the injured area. Also; stem cells can also influence the natural healing process, recruiting other cells to the site of the injury. In addition, some of the most famous athletes have gotten stem cell injections successfully as well.

How do Stem Cell Injections Work?

We use adult stem cells harvested from a patients own bone marrow to inject into pained or damaged areas. Therefore; once injected into the affected area, many of the stem cells will take to the area and become new cells needed in order to heal. The process takes 1-3 hours in office. However it takes about 3-8 weeks to feel improvements. Improvement and healing will continue for at least 6 months.

The Process

Step 1

The doctor will remove stem cells from the patients pelvic bone. (Blood for PRP may be drawn as well at this time).

Syringe Stem Cell Injection

Step 2

The stem cells are placed in a machine called a centrifuge in order to separate the bone marrow from the stem cells.

Centrifuge Stem Cell Injection

Step 3

The stem cells are then injected into the injured area(s) of the patients body.

Stem Cell Injection

Common Questions about Stem Cell Injections

Who is a good candidate?

How Many Injections

Where can you get Stem Cell Injections at?

Is it Permanent? 

Any Side Effects?

Is Stem Cell Injections Different than PRP Injections?

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