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Missouri Medical Marijuana Growers Card

Missouri Medical Marijuana Grower's Card Quick Facts:

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You will need to get a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card ($150 Prepay*) along with a Medical Marijuana Grower's Card ($100). For a total of just $250.
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Unlike other businesses, we make it easy to get your Medical Records. With your permission we can look up your Medical Records via SSM or BJC! (Fill out these two forms:)
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*If you no show your appointment you forfeit your appointment fee $150 (pre pay) without a 48 notice of cancelation. 

After you visit our office (within 30 days) you need to fill out this form for the State of Missouri DHSS below (Blue Button):
IF you need help registering on DHSS Brendan can help on Fridays in office for $45 (paid in advance). 

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Read more below or check out the Missouri Federal website DHSS for more information.

*If you no show your appointment you forfeit your appointment fee $150 (pre pay) without a 48 notice of cancelation. 

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Legally

Let’s start with getting the record straight.

Federal Prohibition Buying Cannabis Seeds is Illegal

As of now, you can not buy cannabis seeds legally. Yep it’s true even in states that have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use. Federal prohibition, the specter of national anti-cannabis law hovers over every single cannabis transaction. It’s just that some cannabis transactions are more likely to be prosecuted by the Feds than others.

So how does state dispensary purchased cannabis seeds from other large inter-state cannabis exchanges are exactly the kind of transactions that would get the wrong kind of attention. Sure, cannabis is legal for adult personal use but it remains illegal at the national level. That means that the export of cannabis seeds from one state to another, regardless of each state’s cannabis laws, can result in federal criminal prosecution.

This means that any transaction involving cannabis is technically illegal as far as the US Drug Enforcement Administration is concerned.  There was a time when the Federal government announced that enforcing cannabis laws in cannabis-legal states would not be a priority. Then former Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded that statement making it clear that enforcing prohibition was still at the top of the DEA’s agenda. Even though Sessions is gone, it isn’t clear that the new AG won’t feel the same way that Sessions felt about weed.

It’s Probably Okay to Buy In-State Cannabis Seeds

Despite this state vs. Federal government war, you’re probably safe to buy cannabis seeds from a source located in your town or state if you abide by your state and local government’s regulations. But state laws vary so don’t make any assumptions (some municipalities have even stricter rules than their states do). Please check out the rules published by Missouri DHSS website cannabis regulators.


 This is the safest option, but it is also the most limited. Dispensaries maybe able to  sell cannabis seeds, but you’re likely to only have a few options since they have an array of products other than seeds to get off their shelves. 


Keep in mind that this is illegal for them to actually sell the seeds to you unless they have a cannabis retail license. Maybe they can donate some to you. You’ll also want to check with Missouri DHSS rules and if your municipality allows this kind of exchange.

Cannabis festival

 Lots of vendors at these kinds of events sell cannabis seeds for publicity and to make some fast cash. 

Marijuana farmers market

Find out if the local producers sell their cannabis seeds. Make sure that the event is registered with the local government.

Buying Cannabis Seeds From Out of State Is Illegal

If your state that has legalized cannabis, but you want to buy cannabis seeds online through an out of state dealer who produces in a state/country that has also legalized cannabis. Is this lawful? The answer is, definitely not. Yes, that is a very popular way of buying cannabis seeds, and it’s one of the best ways of getting high-quality cannabis seeds from a seed bank. Vendors justify these online sales by claiming that they are selling the seeds for novelty purposes rather than for cultivation. Also, it’s tough for the feds to actually intercept online transactions because that kind of enforcement is expensive, and it is rare that the average consumer is purchasing enough cannabis seeds for it to really be worth it.

Even so, inter-state activity is under federal  jurisdiction, so buying cannabis seeds from out of state online is indisputably subject to federal prosecution. It is illegal to transport cannabis from one state to another through mail, so there isn’t even a legal recourse through which to receive an out of state purchase.

Other legal Issues

It is illegal to carry cannabis on an airplane. Also, it is also illegal to carry cannabis across state lines. States and the Feds are on the same page there state laws prohibit their residents from taking weed over their borders.

These are the Federal and State Laws, if you get caught breaking them. The minimum penalty for a first offense includes a prison sentence of up to 5 years and a fine of up to $250,000.

So if your purchasing cannabis seeds requires cross state lines, you’re breaking the law. If you buy your cannabis seeds from a local licensed vendor, you maybe abiding by your Missouri's law (Check with DHSS website before buying any seeds for the laws). Before doing any of this first you need to get your grower's card from a Doctor, click here to set up an appointment today!

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