A review from Mary B.
Here's A postcard from around the world of a happy patient! Thank you Mary B!

"Thank you to you guys for helping me be able to go on this trip! Walked 24,000 steps yesterday, per fit bit! Having a blast! And so far my back is doing pretty well. Ciao!

- Mary B -

Dr. Sturm and staff are fantastic. True professional of his craft. Day 3 after my PRP injection and my pain was gone. My accident was 9 months prior and I had daily pain in my left shoulder keeping me from normal activities and really effected my sleep. Now I am back to full workouts and sleeping 100% better. I am a firm believer in PRP and Arch Advanced Pain Management.



I say this to you, the reader of this testimonial, once in a great while, maybe only once in a lifetime, does one come across a professional that is perfectly matched for the service that they offer. Dr. James Sturm is such a person. So precise, so perfect, so unreservedly natural is his [steroidal injection technique], that it is easy to forget how delicate this therapy is, how unforgivingly fine the tolerances are, when the [medicine] delivered to its appointed location. His diagnostic intuition is remarkable, his bedside manner is natural and without pretense, the results of this combination of knowledge, technique, and personality are something that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

I say to you directly as the reader of this testimonial, have high expectations when you receive treatment by him, because your expectations will be met, your results will amaze, your satisfaction will be complete. You will endorse him to another person you know with similar conditions as yours the first chance you get.

I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me.



It is not often in life when you meet a doctor that treats you like he would his own family, with extreme kindness and empathy. Dr. Sturm saved my lifeā€¦more specifically he saved my quality of life. I was a healthy, marathon running mom of six, when I was admitted to the E.R, with a broken back. By the time I was referred to Dr. Sturm, I was unable to walk and suffering unimaginable pain. Dr. Sturm carefully weighed and explained all my options, before performing kyphoplasty, on my lowest 4 spinal vertebrae. Dr. Sturm has shown, time and time again, that he supports his patients, through the entire road to recovery. Miraculously he had me up and walking, the day after surgery, and helped me with pain management, as I ultimately had to recover from 11 broken bones, including my sternum and multiple ribs. In addition, he collaborates with my physical therapist, and carefully monitors my progress to make sure that everything is done to protect my long term quality of life. I know without Dr. Sturm, I would have become permanently disabled. Quite simply he is my hero.



If you are looking for a knowledgeable, wonderful, caring and gentle pain management doctor then this is the place to go!



Dr. Sturm and his staff are amazing ! You hardly ever have to wait to be seen like some doctor's office. Dr. Sturm is professional, caring, makes sure you are comfortable whenever he has to do a procedure in his office and he explains everything he is doing or wants you to do in detail and makes sure that you understand. I have been to other pain management doctors and Dr. Sturm is the best, I highly recommend him!



Dr. Sturm and the office staff is so professional and caring! Thanks guys for taking the extra time with me!!!



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